Program Pricing

Life Skills Training for young people

What is the cost?

At New Ways for Life we offer a cost effective program that can be delivered in a variety of settings from individual classes or a targeted intervention program. 

We offer many different ways to deliver the content to young people. Via coaches or via teachers or co-ordinators. Please get in touch to find out what most suits your school or organisation. 

What do we teach in the sessions?

We teach our program over 2 sessions. Each session runs for approximately 90 mins. Each student receives a ‘Student Journal’. The Journal has writing exercises to help them remember and strengthen their new found knowledge and skills. Using their journals also helps build stronger pathways in their brains for solving problems more automatically in the future.

Your COACH!!

Each New Ways for Life Coach is trained and certified by Interact Support Incorporated. Each coach also has 1 or more professional qualifications such as Mediation, Counselling, Lawyer or Psychologist. They have dealt with young people and their emotions.

Your coach will engage your students by actively doing role play exercises and involving each student in Q & A time. These skills, once taught by your coach, can then be used everyday in your classroom. 

Checking Yourself?

After learning the New Ways for Life, all of your students will be on the same page. They will all know how to use flexible thinking, to manage their emotions and to moderate their own behaviour. It's a matter of practising with your students to make these skills automatic defaults in their day to day lives. Just like knowing the alphabet!
Its all about checking yourself

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