For Schools

New Ways for Life for your school

What are the New Ways for Life

Your students will learn to:

“Manage Emotions” and calm themselves with encouraging statements.

Use “Moderate Behaviour” and not over-react or use extreme behaviour when stressed.

Use “Flexible Thinking” and not always blame others.

“Check themselves” to stay in control.

Teens learn new Skills

Today’s world is full of social media! We can practically ask google anything and instantly there will be 1000’s of answers. Our phones or ipads are never far from our finger tips – especially tweens and teens fingertips. Learning these simple yet invaluable skills will provide the calm needed to navigatge this crazy, fast paced world we live in. 

The Program

This program is run over 2 x 90 mins sessions. The sessions are interactive: Including discussion time throughout the sessions with Q & A’s, small group role plays and journal writing to re-inforce learning. Each skill is taught with age appropriate language and content. Each child receives a “Student Journal.” Teachers receive a “Teachers Workbook” 

Teachers: How to help when students are upset?

Your students will learn how to cope when their emotions that are running high, learn how to appropriately deal with difficult times at school. By using these skills, your students will be able to feel a sense of control when sometimes their life seems so out of control.

What are the New Ways for Life?