Information for Parents

What are your kids learning?

Managing Emotions

What happens to our emotions when we are in an upsetting or stressful situation or we get offended or angry by what someone says? We feel sad or worried or misunderstood. We need to understand that these are all feelings and they can be MANAGED!! 

Moderate Behaviour

We can divide behaviour into two categories. Moderate Behaviour and Extreme Behaviour. Moderate behaviour is what we accept in our day to day lives. Avoid over-reacting, acting in an acceptable manner and reacting in an acceptable manner. Yelling or screaming, hitting or any acts of violence are considered extreme behaviour and should be avoided. You often hear people say: The kids don’t understand. However, the stress, impact and the damage this extreme behaviour has on a child’s brain is very significant.  

Flexible Thinking

Staying open minded and having choices……..You are not always right about everything and there is almost always more than one solution to any problem.  The opposite to Flexible Thinking is All-or-Nothing Thinking. Sometimes we get stuck in All-or-Nothing Thinking and this type of thinking provides a very big barrier to moving forward in your life and for your future. Listening to other peoples points of view and not having a one-eyed view.

Checking Yourself is the most important skill to learn

By "Checking Yourself" you tie all the skills together. It slows you down. The next time you are in a stressful situation; Ask yourself? Am I managing my emotions, am I using moderate behaviour and am I thinking flexibly.